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4 Things That’ll Happen Straight After Passing Your Test

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4 Things That’ll Happen Straight After Passing Your Test
4 Things That’ll Happen Straight After Passing Your Test 

Provisional learners focus so much during that they don’t think about the after. In truth, driving alone without an instructor and dual pedals doesn’t seem possible. Not that you’re a terrible driver; just that the fear is all-consuming. On the day of, it’s as if you’re about to give a speech to 150 people and haven’t practised.

But, low and behold, you pass with flying colours, at least you don’t get any majors, and you’re legal. Of course, there is the immediate joy of gaining your independence, but what about afterwards? Now what?

Take a look underneath and find out. 

You’ll Want To Drive But Can’t

This happens in two ways. Firstly, it’s not legal for you to drive back home whether you pass or fail. According to the powers that be, the excitement or sadness of passing or failing makes you risk so your instructor will get behind the wheel. Still, he or she might let you listen to the radio for once to celebrate/commiserate. Secondly, you won’t be able to afford a car, never mind the insurance. Car finance loans are excellent equalisers yet it depends on the financial situation. Some people wait a year before owning a car and becoming a fully-fledged motorist.

You’ll Beg People To Put You On Their Insurance

When the reality dawns, your brain will start to formulate a plan. Anyone who has been switched on will have been thinking about the prospect for a while. The obvious solution is to ask a loved one (parents) to add you to their insurance plan. It’s not as expensive and they already own a vehicle – result. Whether they say yes or no will come down to the cost, the car, and your mum and dad. Let’s face it – the most liberal parents won’t let you drive their Porsche. Maybe there’s a backup car, instead.

You’ll Drive Everywhere

Hopefully, your dastardly plan works and you’ve mobile. If it has, then be prepared to feel the urge to drive from A to B and back again. Yep, even if it’s only one-hundred yards down the road! There is a powerful feeling about being behind the wheel which is intoxicating, and that’s why you’ll want to step on it to the corner shop at the end of the road. Expect the feeling to last for a long time as new drivers report having it for years after passing.

Apart From Long Distances

And by everywhere, that means within a safe distance from your home. Local roads are safe and familiar and only have a speed limit of 30mph. National ones are fast and furious and scary. Plus, it isn’t easy to drive on a motorway if you’ve never done it before. And, there’s the hassle of trying to get the car off your parents who might not want you to drive to from Lands End to John O’Groats and back again. For now, the stabilisers will stay on for a couple of months at least.

Oh, and one more thing: you won’t be embarrassed to show your license now it’s pink!



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