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Things All Young Drivers Should Know Before Getting On The Road

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As a young driver, there are a few things you should be aware of before you head out onto the open road after passing your test. Passing your test is just the beginning; your license doesn’t mean you’re an expert, and if you think it does then you’re going to be in for a big shock.

Here are a few things all young drivers should know before getting on the road:

The Real Learning Starts When You Pass Your Test

The real learning starts when you pass your test. You have so much more to learn, and you’ll likely make a few mistakes when you first start driving that will open your eyes. It’s a good idea to get more training, especially if you want to drive confidently on the motorway. Extra training can even mean lowering your insurance, which can be very expensive when you first start driving.

You Must Get To Know Your Car

Don’t just hop in your car once you’ve passed and go for a drive. Sit in it for a while first. Look at the buttons and learn what they do. Where are your wipers and your lights? Really get to know your car before you set off on a journey, or you could get distracted and this could lead to an accident. You don’t want to panic if it starts raining or it starts to go dark while you’re still in the car.

Things All Young Drivers Should Know Before Getting On The Road
Things All Young Drivers Should Know Before Getting On The Road


Most Accidents Are Caused By Young Drivers

Drivers under the age of 25 are responsible for 85% of all serious road accidents. This doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get into an accident, it just means that you must be extra careful. Young people tend to want to show off more than older people, or get overly confident after only being on the road for a short time.

Driving Can Be Expensive

Driving can be expensive, so make sure it’s something you can afford. You’ll need to pay for your insurance, petrol, maintenance, tax…the list goes on. Your insurance excess will also need to be realistic, or you may end up having to pay a huge amount if you do get into an accident – even if the accident wasn’t your fault. You can click here to make a car accident claim and it may help you to get some compensation, but it’s still a good idea to choose a car that isn’t going to drain your finances, at least to start with.

Never Forget To Check Your Blind Spot

Never forget to check your blind spot when driving, and don’t just assume that all drivers can see you either.

Your Phone Can Wait

Stay away from your notifications while driving by putting your phone in your glovebox. Your social media apps and text messages can wait until you’ve parked up.

Driving With Too Many Of Your Friends In The Car Can Be Dangerous

Even having too many friends in the car can be dangerous, so consider limiting this to begin with. Talking too much is distracting, and feeling like you have to drive like you’re on a race track is dangerous!



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