2 Wheels Versus 4 Wheels. The Essential Breakdown

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Are currently umming and ahhing over whether to make the transport in your life primarily two-wheeled or four-wheeled and which license to go for? Then you, have a weighty decision on your hands. After all, there are some definite advantages and disadvantages to both. Luckily, the post below can help you make this decision. So read on for some essential information on the two versus four-wheel debate.


One thing to remember is that if you passed your driving test before February 2001, you are legally allowed to ride a 50cc moped already. Of course, this is excellent news if you are considering getting a motorbike license, but you already have your car one, because it means you can try things out on two-wheel and see how you find them.

In fact, many people have a specific idea about riding a motorcycle cycle but have never been on one, even as a passenger. What this means is that they can be quickly disappointed and end up not enjoying the experience as much when they do get to have a go. Something that means all the effort and cost that is involved in achieving their motorcycle license will be wasted. Therefore, wherever possible get some experience before you decide to go the whole hog, with a ‘hog.’

2 Wheels Versus 4 Wheels. The Essential Breakdown
2 Wheels Versus 4 Wheels. The Essential Breakdown

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One of the most significant advantages of getting a car license over a motorcycle one is practicality. After all, it can be tough to get a full weeks shopping on the back of your hog or take the kids to school each day!

2 Wheels Versus 4 Wheels. The Essential Breakdown1
2 Wheels Versus 4 Wheels. The Essential Breakdown1

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Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible, and in fact for people that see motorbikes as a way of life rather than just a mode of transport any excuse to get on the road with them is in that will provide endless joy. However, it may be a little easier to run your everyday life with a four-wheeled vehicle instead. Although, it is always worth remembering that you can get a bike and a car if funds allow an have the best of both worlds.

The Kit

Of course, you also need to consider the kit and equipment you will need to buy for a two-wheel or 4 wheel option. When it comes to motorbikes, there are things such as protective clothing, helmets, and spare parts to be bought.

2 Wheels Versus 4 Wheels. The Essential Breakdown2
2 Wheels Versus 4 Wheels. The Essential Breakdown2

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Although this is something that can be done so much more easily now in stores like Solo Moto online. Such shops will even deliver your item straight to your door, making it super simple to get all the kit you need to drive your motorcycle safety.

When it comes to cars, things can be both simpler and more complicated. For example, you don’t need protective clothing for driving a regular vehicle as you will ride inside.

However, mechanical faults are common when it comes to cars, and getting the right part is essential to resolving these. Of course, as there are so many different brands of vehicle out there, it can be tough to source the exact part that you will need.

In fact, many car owners prefer to use parts made by the car manufacturer themselves to ensure compatibility and quality. What this means is that while it can be useful to search online, most car owners prefer to take their vehicle to dealership mechanics instead. Something that can be pretty expensive if your car is no longer under warranty.

Fun and enjoyment

Lastly, what it is all too easy to forget when trying to decide between getting your car or motorbike license is the actual fun and enjoyment you will get out of a vehicle in the long term.

After all, it can seem like the most practical choice to get your car license, but if you are motorbike person through and through, and will feel the most alive when you are riding your hog, then it can be well worth the time and effort.

Of course, there are some pretty amazing and fun cars to drive as well, and picking the four-wheel option doesn’t have to be all about practicality. In fact, once you have had your license for a while, you should be able to get insured on some more speedy and sporty numbers like the ones reviewed here. Something that can make getting your driving license as thoroughly enjoyable as getting your motorbike one.


In the end, the decision to get your two-wheel or four-wheel license comes down to which mode of transport you love the best. Yes, there are compelling practical reasons for going for a car license first, but if your heat is with a hog, then it might be best to follow your instinct.


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