Opting for a Regular Service Schedule for a Volvo

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Most owners of a Volvo are passionate about their vehicle. They want this to perform and function well if possible. Volvo generally designed as a heavy vehicle and after a certain mileage, you need to service your Volvo by hiring some reputed Volvo services. This offers a long-term benefit as you are spared from major expenses and major repairs. A well reputed and qualified mechanic chosen can work out this for you. You also have the choice of opting for a service by the dealer of your vehicle.

Volvo Service1
Volvo Service1

Maintenance Schedule for your Volvo

Following the recommended maintenance schedule for your Volvo can help this vehicle stay in top condition and perform to its best. The manufacturer recommends a service schedule starts from 10,000 miles. This service covers up all the functions and systems of your Volvo protecting it against poor performance or a sudden break-down. We list a normal maintenance schedule for a Volvo, but the final decision depends on the condition and the age of your car.

  • 10,000 Miles (7,500 miles for older cars):
  1. Check out the levels of coolant and replace if required.
  2. Replacing the filter and engine oil.
  • 20,000 Miles (15,000 for older models):
  1. Like the 10,000 miles service.
  2. Checking for leaks in transmissions, engine, timing gear and repairing if required.
  3. Adjustment of the engine coolant and checking of the agent of anti-corrosion and anti-freeze rating.
  • 30,000 Mile Service (22,500 for older models):
  1. Like the 10,000-mile servicing
  2. Cleaning of the equipment for air-cleaner and checking of the filter.
  • 40,000 Mile Service (30,000 for older models):
  1. Like the servicing of the 20,000 miles
  2. Checking out for damages and leaks to the fuel filter and the fuel line.
  • 60,000 Mile Service:
  1. Like the 20,000-mile servicing
  2. Like the 30,000-mile servicing
  3. Checking for any leakages in the exhaust system and checking the mounting.
  • 70,000 Mile Service:
  1. Like the 10,000-mile servicing
  2. Checking the mounting and the exhaust system
  3. Replacement of the spark plugs.

Making a Choice of Mechanics

Before you opt for a specific mechanic for the Volvo service you need to ensure that they are not only qualified to handle a Volvo but also have at least five years’ experience in this field. This experience can help to diagnose any problem. Minor repairs are carried out in an efficient manner, sparing your Volvo from major damage. Apart from that, you need to make sure that the mechanic should install or replace the Volvo parts with genuine spare parts only and they must provide you limited warranty of their spare parts. If you find any issue within their warranty period, then you can claim a free service.

There are many mechanics which offer some sort of discounts on specific servicing. Find out this information so that you can save on some money. Ensure you get some sort of warranty not only on the parts replaced but also the service provided. An additional bonus of a complimentary car-wash is always welcome.

Volvo Service2
Volvo Service2

Reasons for Regular Servicing

With a regular servicing opted for you are ensured of the safety factor. There are no tensions when you take your Volvo for those long drives. You also need to know that this regular servicing to save the fuel consumption level. Apart from that, these Volvo services are well trained, and they have factory trained mechanics also. So, they can easily identify the problems with your Volvo can solve the matter instantly. Even they can also help you to claim the insurance if required.

So now search these Volvo services online and book a schedule on their official website.

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