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3 Signs That Indicate Your Vehicle Needs Automatic Transmission Diagnosis

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The transmission of a vehicle is a crucial and perhaps the most complicated component that consists of several computer-controlled parts and hydraulics that work together for transferring power of engine to the wheels and changing gears for movement. At present the transmission especially those present at the front wheels are quite complex and can be expensive to fix. Thus, regular fluid changes and maintenance is a must to sustain the lifespan and efficacy of the system. Now most of the car design with automatic transmission system where you do not need to change the break frequently and the automatic transmission system will automatically regulate the speed of your car.

But, maintaining the vehicle is not enough, in addition to that you need to look after certain alarming signs that indicate the transmission is not operating the way it should. Addressing these signs on time will not only restore the efficiency of the system, rather at the same time it will save you from costly repairs as well.

3 Signs That Indicate Your Vehicle Needs Automatic Transmission Diagnosis
3 Signs That Indicate Your Vehicle Needs Automatic Transmission Diagnosis

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Know More About The 3 Warning Signs of Failing Transmission

Sometime technicians inform vehicle owners that the possible problem with transmission could have been avoided only if they would have acted to the warning signs on time. If you do not want to be in such a situation then here are the key signs that you should watch out for.

#1. Activation of Warning Lights

The modern cars are equipped with advance systems that are able to sense irregularities in the computing systems of your vehicle and are able to report that problem in no time. In case of transmission, the sensors would recognize early problems and vibrations that may not be felt or seen. A common dashboard sign to look after is the rising temperature of transmission.

Whenever you find this light, check the transmission at once along with engine coolant level. Like most of the automotive malfunctions, it is advised to seek help from a professional for automatic transmission diagnosis if you are not sure where exactly the problem lies. If you feel any vibration, noise and problems in your greak system then you need to check your car transmission system.

#2. Leaking Fluids

Fluid leaks must be acknowledged immediately right at the moment when you notice them. This is because even minor leaks when left unattended can lead to costly car problems. This is because the transmission fluid is essential for shifting abilities of the car. Some of the common causes of leaking transmission fluids are:

  • The shaft moves out of balance
  • Bell housings are damaged
  • Worn out axles
  • Worn out gaskets or seals
  1. Strange Odour:

Using a dipstick to check the present condition of transmission can improve its lifespan to a greater extent. Just take the dipstick and dip it into the fluid and then wipe it off. Later, examine the level of marks along with the odour that comes out from them. Strange smell indicates that the fluids need to be changed at once.

3 Signs That Indicate Your Vehicle Needs Automatic Transmission Diagnosis
3 Signs That Indicate Your Vehicle Needs Automatic Transmission Diagnosis

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Why would you hire the Automatic Transmission Service?

Whenever you feel that there is something not right with the transmission then going for automatic transmission diagnosis can turn out to be preventive measure. Because at the end of the day, you want your car to perform the way it is for years to come and for this you need to take care of its transmission. Keep an eye on the above signs mentioned, and once you find any of them then you need to go for the diagnosis.

In addition to this, after finding the root cause of the issue then you need to talk to the professional to find the best solution. Choose a right transmission expert who can be trust for the job.

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