What to Look for When You Are Taking Your Vehicle for Brake Service

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One of the crucial parts in a car or motor vehicle, which often goes unnoticed, while you take out time for the exterior polishing and quick servicing, is the brake. This is a very important part with critical function, and hence has to be examined from time to time. Although there are times when it will scream on its own for attention by making squealing sounds and different noises, you should never wait to see those signs, and get the brakes checked with every vehicle servicing, whether or not the garage enforces this. This will help you to keep the vehicle in great condition for years to come. Also, huge expenses and damages on sudden brake problems can be avoided when you always know its condition.

Jobs on Brakes and Warning Signs:

Brake Service
Brake Service

Some of the jobs which may need to be done on the brakes depending on their condition are:

  • Change of brake shoes.
  • Change of brake pad.
  • An in-depth checking.
  • Periodic checking of the new or replaced parts.

Other brake parts like the brake master cylinder, the hydraulic brake fluid, the power drake booster, brake pedal, disc or drum brakes, anti-lock sensors, all may need attention and change. And here are the warning signs you need to know to read them and report a problem:

  • The light on the brake dashboard would glow red if there is some problem.
  • Slow response or spongy feel in brake pedal.
  • ABS brakes showing problem with amber glow in brake dashboard.
  • The squeal or grinding noise while pushing the brake.
  • Vibration which are aren’t usual when you apply the brake.
  • Vehicle motion gets outbalanced and it moves left or right while braking.

A good garage or workshop would not just check, repair and change parts with the brake, but would also offer follow-up checks for free for some time, and offer warranties on brake shoes, pads and parts they provide.

Knowing Your Brake System Is Good for You


To understand the origin of the problems better, you can analyze and understand the braking system. A press on the pedal makes the brake pads generate friction. This creates heat as the brake rotor spread this energy through the engine. This way the dispersed heat saves the brakes itself from getting overheated. Now you have an idea, how the brakes work and stay protected naturally by mechanism. Any loud noise or squeals in braking must not be left unattended, and you must immediately take the vehicle to a service center for attention. The brake pads worn out with time, and it’s natural that you will have to get them replaced after a few years.

Where to Find a Good Brake Service Expert

Garages have car mechanics, but all of them are not experts in brake repair and services. There are expert brake service centers however, where you can get the brakes repaired, parts changed, and serviced overall. They have dedicated brake experts and mechanics to see that all motor vehicles coming to them can be served. Therefore, you must find one such place near you.

To get one, simply run an online search, ask them if they service the brand of car or vehicle you have, and then find out what other customers have to say about them. This is possibly the easiest way to locate a brake service center when you can’t ask for references to friends and neighbors etc.

Always look for special offers like free services and follow up check, and extended warranties on changed parts and repairs, so that you can make the most out of the money you are investing on the brake service.

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