The Hard Work Doesn’t Stop Because You’ve Passed Your Test!

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The Hard Work Doesn't Stop Because You've Passed Your Test1
The Hard Work Doesn’t Stop Because You’ve Passed Your Test1

There are few things in life more exciting than passing your driving test. You’re finally able to get out on the road on your own and feel that wonderful sense of independence and freedom that comes with it. Of course, one mistake that a lot of people tend to make is that they assume that all of the hard work is over now that they’ve passed their test. In reality, the real work has only just started. After all, the standards that you should hold yourself to as a driver don’t end just because you no longer have an instructor or an examiner breathing down your neck. If anything, it’s your responsibility to be even more aware of your driving now that you’re doing in independently. With that in mind, here are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that you’re not slipping into any bad habits once you pass your test.

Remember the basics

One of the amazing things about learning to drive is being able to go from obsessively thinking about every action that you’re taking to doing a lot of the basics of driving from muscle memory. Sure, you’re not going to need to think about finding the biting point or exactly when to change gears anymore, but you shouldn’t stop thinking about the basics of driving either. If you do everything by habit, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to pick up some bad ones. Things like your hand positioning on the wheel and checking your mirrors might feel like they’re second nature, but make sure that you’re intentionally doing them as well so that you can be sure you don’t forget them.

Take care of your car

The other major responsibility that you need to remember is to your car itself. Now that you’re out on the road on a daily basis, you need to make sure that you’re keeping your car well maintained and taken care of. Most of the things that you can do are pretty subtle and don’t need huge amounts of mechanical expertise. Just making sure that you know how to change a tyre or how to use tpms sensors can make a huge difference to how long your car lasts and how safe it is out on the road. It’s also a good idea to think about taking a course in basic mechanics so that you’re in a much better position to deal with any issues that might crop up for your car here and there. Not only can that help you drive more responsibly and treat your car better, but it can also potentially save you a decent bit of money as well.

It’s often far too easy to end up being so pleased that you’ve passed that you forget about how much of a responsibility it is to be out on the road. As amazing as having your licence can be, don’t let the joy of that lead you down a path of becoming irresponsible when you’re out on the road.




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