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Auto Jargons Meaning To Ease Your Work

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Auto Jargons Meaning To Ease Your Work

If you are not related to the certain field then there are chances that you will not be able to understand what the professional is talking about. In case of automotive, the jargons are quite large in number and pretty much complicated, as well. Be it Nissan service & repair center or any other auto repair shop, they all use similar jargons. Most of the companies tell you to get your car serviced after certain period of time in every few months. Well, they put this condition for your well being only. The main purpose of the car service is to check or detect the problems before they become too much. These regular checkups help you in maintaining your car in the perfect condition for more time duration. The following list of jargons are something, which you gonna hear during the service of any kind of car at any type of shop even at Nissan service & repair center.

Nissan Service Center
Nissan Service Center

Jargon: “Your cam belt needs changing”

Meaning: The cam belt is normally known as the timing belt, which connects the moving parts of the engine needs changing when it starts tearing off of excessive use. It is made up of strong rubber. It is suggested by several professionals at auto repair shops as well as Nissan service & repair center that this belt should be replaced from time to time for better performance of the car, if not replaced then it can definitely damage a lot of stuff in the engine.

Jargon: “The clutch is slipping”

Meaning: The jargon itself says there is something wrong with the clutch. Here it actually means, that the process where clutch helps you to move your gears effortlessly is worn out and is not working in the right manner. Some of the symptoms includes: when you change the gear, it doesn’t move or are changed, the car does not pick the speed as should with the connected gear.

Jargon: “Your engine is misfiring”

Meaning: The jargon is as simple as it can be. However, the usage of words makes it a bit difficult to understand. This jargon means that the engine is not working in the manner it should be, which means it is causing hassle for the driver. There are plenty of reasons because of which the engine can act funny some of them includes spark plugs, sensors, etc. So, don’t think too much and let the guys at Nissan service & repair center to work their magic.

Jargon: “Your head gasket’s gone”

Meaning: You will hear this one fairly often at all auto repair shops, even at Nissan service & repair center. The jargon here means that, you are facing internal engine leaks because of the crack in the seal between the cylinder head, which is nothing but a cover of either cast iron aluminium over the engine and engine casing, which is also known as the cylinder block.

Nissan Repair Center
Nissan Repair Center

Jargon: “You have ‘mayonnaise’ (or ‘sludge’) under your oil filter cap”

Meaning: Mayonnaise is just a word to keep the statement interesting by the workers at the auto repair shops. Otherwise, the word they really say is sludge. We all know there is oil filter cap in the engine mechanism of the car. Well, sometimes it creates issue with the head gasket, although ask the professional twice about the real problem. Normally, it is stated that this sludge is created because things like water or condensation mixing in the engine oil.

All of the above jargons are related to the issues in the engine. May be next time we can share the jargons related to other problems in the car.



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