How to Replace a Car Battery

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How to Replace a Car Battery

You can learn how to replace a car battery by yourself
Changing the car battery is easy and it is an automotive repair that you can do on your own if you are strong enough and have the physical strength for it.
While the majority of people know they need to replace the car battery when their car doesn’t start, it is a must to know about the battery’s state before hitting the road to avoid inconvenience. Do not worry because there are tips you can follow so that you can replace the car battery alone.


You first have to detach the battery cables

What you first need to do is to begin with the negative battery cable and turn the nut that holds it steadily. A combination of wrenches can be used or the right socket with the appropriate size extension with a ratchet to make it easier for you. When you have loosened this, the negative cable has to be pulled up and then off for this to be done correctly. If both cables won’t come off, there is a battery terminal puller for this. It is not recommended to use a screwdriver and similar tools to try pulling it off because it can damage the cable or terminal.

Cover the terminal

Get an old rag and use it to cover the terminal to ensure there is no risk of a short-circuit or electric shock. You can now remove the-ve terminal when you undo the restraining nut. Since that might be the one that holds the battery in place.

Removing the battery

To successfully do this, you can use your hands to grab the battery from the tray because it is going to be 40 pounds heavy. If there is a handle on the battery, that is the one you can use.

Now that you have removed the battery, you can ask the local auto store to test it out to make sure it does need replacement. You can throw the old battery and put a new one in your car.

Clean the materials of the battery

After removing the battery, cleaning the terminals is important. To do this, pour an almost boiling water into a cup and then pour it onto each terminal. By doing this, you are removing corrosion and sulfate powder that you failed to remove earlier. Corrosion normally looks like a residue that comes from the one that might have caused a buildup around the terminals. Another you can use is a cleaning solution made for car batteries if the corrosion is heavy, or baking soda and water to form a cleaning paste. Take a toothbrush or wire brush when the terminals need cleaning and use a rag on other areas. Using a wire brush, clean the battery connectors to make sure all of the corrosion is removed.

Installing the new battery


It is now time to install the new one. The new has to be placed on the holder and use a socket and ratchet to re-install the battery hold down so you can be sure that the battery is secured in place. And make sure that terminals are on the right side.


Attach the battery cables again

When you are doing it this time around, start with the positive by attaching and securing the cable and then do this with the negative cable. If you do it like this, you will not experience electrical issues.

Check what you did

Make sure that all cables and connections are secure and tight. Inspect the battery security by trying to see if it will move back and forth. If you can move the terminals, there is a possibility that the car will start because of a weak connection to electricity.

You can start the engine 60 seconds after battery installation and if your car starts without any problems, with lights working properly, you are good to do. If you see that the lights are dim or flickering, turn off the car and check again.

Follow these steps to learn how to replace a car battery. Make sure not to skip any of them or else your car might not start at all.

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