8 reasons to take better care of your car

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8 reasons to take better care of your car

Looking after your car
Looking after your car

A new car might well be the second most expensive single purchase you’ll make apart from buying your home. Making sure that your car stays in perfect condition is important; whether it’s keeping it clean and free from salt in the winter or ensuring it has the correct oil and water levels. Here are a selection of reasons why taking better care of your car is worth it.

1. Getting a loan on your car

There may come a time when you need some money in a hurry and getting logbook loans can be an easy way to solve the problem. Ensuring you keep your car in good condition will not only help you when it comes to selling it, but it will also make sure that everything is safe and working properly.

2. Better fuel economy

The UK Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) gives a comprehensive guide on how to maintain roadworthiness and how to look after your car. If you keep your engine serviced on a regular basis and make sure that the wheels are aligned correctly, you will keep your mileage per litre to a maximum.

3. Check your tyres

An article on the Thisismoney website says that tyres are the second most common problem when it comes to getting your car serviced and wear and tear is one of the main causes. A brand new vehicle doesn’t need its first service for three years but you should always check to make sure that tyres have not worn down or that they don’t have any splits.

Looking after your tyres
Looking after your tyres

4. Keep the paintwork clean

If you wash your car on a regular basis then you will not only look good, you will also prevent scratches to the bodywork. These can reduce the resale value and can also cause rust to spread. Polishing and waxing is always a good idea after cleaning – this prevents salt build up in the winter.

5. Keeping the interior spotless

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to clean the interior of your car because you’re always busy. If you keep the inside vacuumed and cleaned on a regular basis it will not only be easier in the long run, it will all add to a more pleasant driving experience.

6. Check your lights

One of the most important parts of the car that should be checked on a regular basis are the lights. The headlights, indicators and brake lights should all be working correctly. If one is failing then have it replaced straight away. The police can fine you if you don’t.

7. Test the battery
A faulty battery can cause your car to break down and it could all be down to not topping it up with distilled water. Many modern batteries are sealed units, but they can still need replacing especially if there is a fault with the alternator.

8. Top up on fluids

There are some parts of the car that totally baffle some people, but it’s worth finding out from a friend or garage what needs to be topped up and when. Brake fluid, water in the radiator and window washer are all things you can do yourself and are necessary if going on a long trip.

Checking your car Oil
Checking your car Oil

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